Dealing with Depression

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor nor do I claim to be one. If you are experiencing suicidal thoughts, are injured, or are feeling thoughts of depression, anxiety, or anything else, please contact a medical professional IMMEDIATELY!

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255

The only effective way to deal with depression is by getting rid of it and as simple and as straightforward as this sounds it is a task that has no simply and straightforward method by which one can easily achieve that goal. It is commonly believed that the two major causes of depression are that of a chemical imbalance in the brain and some one or a series of traumatic events that have taken place in a person’s life. Medication and therapy are at present the two chief means by which depression is currently treated by society.

As previously stated the two chief causes that are believed to cause depression are a chemical imbalance and a traumatic experience but I would like to propose another major cause of depression. My belief is not based upon my being educated in the field of psychotherapy or any such other learned discipline but upon my personal analysis of myself in an effort for me to find the root cause or causes of my chronic state of depression.

At present I am taking a prescribed antidepressant but whether or not it is really helping me I cannot really say for sure yet I will continue to use it even though there does not seem to be any positive effects from my doing so which brings me to my personal theory as to another possible source that leads to depression. In my opinion, and I place emphases on the fact that this is only my opinion, I believe that depression or certain forms of depression is a learned emotion usually beginning to take shape in the formative years of childhood.

The causes that may contribute to this learned emotion is a lack of family bonding during childhood with parents or a particular parent, a sense of feeling unwanted and emotional and physical abuse. We learn to feel down about ourselves and every little put down that we experience only reinforces our low self-esteem. Our mind absorbs what is being placed into it and it becomes an embedded item in our learning. A person may outgrow much of this but the impact of what we have absorbed is very deep-seated affecting us not only emotionally but also physically to some extent.

Now if this opinion that I am proposing has any elements of being realistic than the most commonsense solution is to unlearn what we have learned as it portents to our feelings of self and this in turn will alleviate if no altogether cure our depression, but of course it is not that simple because the entire fiber of our being needs cleansing by reeducation. Our energy level that makes us a living being is unstable yet consistently hovering at the lower points in the mist of soars and crashes. We feel somewhat guilty and very much at ease in being happy. We want to say goodbye to life but more than anything we really want to live.

We have learned depression and having done so it is very difficult to unlearn what has so effective embedded itself into our very being. Medication if it seems to be working in the broader picture only disguises that which has been embedded and a session with a therapist is wonderful for that ones personal income but cannot overshadow the facet of sincerely helping ones self. We feel clogged by an unwanted entity and we feel that if we can only shake ourselves hard enough we will be able to force it out. We know that we have power but our energy level has been greatly diminished by a learning process and we have no absolute clue as to how to ignite that which yearns to break free.

In my case I truly believe that the core of my depression is a learned emotion that has only gained more significance by the decisions that I have made during the previous span of my life which reinforces my learned emotion and prompts we to make yet another unprofitable decision which keeps my depression thrifty, or in other words I believe that I know the cure but reeducation is a very hard thing to do. The primary factor that germinates this learned depression is the unbalanced focus upon self which in this case is slightly different than selfishness and more in accordance with feelings of unworthiness and the like. This form of depression centers itself upon key human needs such as a feeling of completeness and social bonding thusly we of this learned depression always feel at odds with our environment and even with our own basic instincts to blossom and shine as a person.

Now the above being said, what is one resource that we of this type of depression can employ in an effort to relieve ourselves of its suffocating hold? One effort that we can make is to teach our minds to be more broadminded about ourselves and the role that we play from our core to society as a whole. We can dilute self with other interests especially a sincere and uplifting interest in others. We can begin to teach ourselves to give ourselves a little more breathing room and a very much needed break from the conscious and subconscious focus upon self that now rules our thought life. We can find some type of spiritual outlet for emotional release. There are many positive avenues that we can take if we have a true desire to reeducate this one emotion but none will be swift and without some setbacks therefore we must keep in mind that we have learned this depression over a period of time and thusly it is going to take a little time to cleanse ourselves of it.

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor nor do I claim to be one. If you are experiencing suicidal thoughts, are injured, or are feeling thoughts of depression, anxiety, or anything else, please contact a medical professional IMMEDIATELY!

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255

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